Has anyone seen Large Cerf Tote

  1. in the old style? Not the new one with the tab closure. I'm searching for dark brown one, preferrably from Neimans.

    Please let me know if you have seen one. Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for one in black. Please let me know if you've seen one too! Thank you~
  3. I just recieved mine in Chocolate yesterday...had it sent from the Chanel at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I had called the Chanel 800 number on Saturday and got two calls back from Boutiques. One in the Wynn and the other on 57th Street in NYC. I believe NYC boutique had the beige or the chocolate.

    My SA at Neimans (called them too) said she could find one in black if I wanted. Call the Neimans personal shopper line...they are very helpful.

    Good luck and I love mine....wearing it today and it must be 90 degrees out already....

  4. Now that's funny, I called two weeks ago and was told they were SOLD OUT :confused1:
  5. Sorry to hear...but that's what I was told last Saturday. perhaps someone returned one? Did you find one?:confused1:

  6. Yes, I did :yes:

    It's just funny that I called the 800 number and the Boutique and both told me Sold Out ... who knows ???