Has anyone seen ivory IRL?

  1. I just wonder how it looks like. Does it belong to pre-collection or collection?:yes:

    I really wanna buy white but not stark white like ss07. Anybody has seen it???:rolleyes: Inputs pleaseeee

  2. I don't think any of the stores have received their Ivory bags yet...
  3. Yes!! I have!! I saw it at balny approx 5 weeks ago ish. Its GORGEOUS. Its a soft off white.

    I only saw one, it was the brief with gold GH and was made from the softest pillowy soft leather. That's what stood out about it: the leather. No other 07 leather was like it. I was telling the sa as well. I don't know if it was just that ONE particular one was like that, or if all the ivory leathers will be.

    Let me tell you, it was the best 07 leather I've come across.
  4. I wish they would hurry up. That is the one that I am getting for sure! It seems the whites usually have gorgeous leather. My '06 fall/winter white has leather almost like an '05. I think the ivory is going to be a big seller.
  5. Yes....That's what I've been waiting too, my Ivory Step. I hope anyone can post how it looks like, can't wait to see....
  6. I totally agree with karenab - I saw this bag as well and the leather was like a cloud puff! So soft and dreamy!
  7. So glad to hear that!!!!!

    I hope my friend can get one for me (from France). I ordered the city!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Saw the same bag that Karenab and Angelphaery were referring to me. The leather was a league of its own.
  9. Any ideas when they will be in stores??
  10. I tell you something, I really wonder if that is the leather that ivory is being made from or it really was just how that one was. It was incredible.

    I've never been so floored by a current SSN leather before. Ever.
  11. Karen you are making my palms all sweaty in anticipation!!!
  12. Good. :graucho:

    If anyone gets one I want to see a full review. Seriously up to now I can't get over what it looked like because I actually am a bit perplexed on why the leather on it is SO different to all the other 07's. I just want to see if it was just that one particular bag or not...

    because if it's not and all the ivory's are like that? well, you guys are going to be in for a suprising treat.
  13. I have my SA on the hunt for one, so hopefully sooon!!

    Wonder what the hold-up is at Bal production though?

    Nordies said they were "back-ordered"... hmmmm
  14. does it close to blanc 07???