Has anyone seen her yet??!!

  1. :sos:I posted a couple days ago about a '06 rose legacy bag. I was hoping someone may have seen them at the outlets recently with all the legacy's that have been showing up. I have looked and called and today I got an SA that said they had some at my outlet and I had her hold it for me. I was thrilled but when I got there the SA's said there was nothing on hold for me!! :shocked: Of course, they also had nothing left in that color. :mad::crybaby: I was devasted and was hoping maybe if I posted again someone could tell me that they had seen them. I'm gonna try again at the outlets tommorow but a confidence booster and hearing that others have seen the bag would be wonderful!! Thanks ladies :flowers:
  2. I just bought one on eBay. I can't wait for it to get here:yes: I have the pond which I absolutely love..love..love. These are such wonderful colors. Too bad the 06 rose color has been discontinued:crybaby:
  3. ^^ Congrats, lovincollection! I was watching that bag! I had it sniped but canceled it today because my dog is sick and I couldn't justify spending money right now! I'm so glad a PF gal got it! Post pics when it comes!!
  4. pinkie, I can only tell you that in my part of the country, NE PA, they haven't gotten any rose in at all. I've been asking for it for months, and my SA , who is always looking out for me, has never seen one come in. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I do see a few on eBay.
    lovincollectin, which style did you get? congrats!
  5. Thanks for the "Congrats" I will post pics for sure!!!!

    I am so sorry to hear your dog is sick......praying he/she will recover quickly:sad:

  6. It is the legacy 06 shoulder bag....here is a pic from ebay:
    coach pink.JPG
  7. You lucky girl! I love it! I have it in Pond but would rather the rose! Prices are little high on ebay tho and I'm spoiled after the Legacy that's been in the outlets lately.
  8. Wow!! You got the best deal of the decade on this bag!! I was wondering who won it. I have this bag it it is so awsome!! Very cool!!:okay:

  9. I have to admit that I was surprised at what a great deal that I got. I am still in shock......I am sooo excited:yahoo::yahoo: