Has anyone seen/heard of new spring iPod accesories...

  1. I thought I read here a few days back that someone heard from an SA that new iPod covers were coming out for spring. I just bought a new iPod classic and I'm holdng off on some returns in order to scoop up a new iPod case. Has anyone inspected drill down or have anymore details.

    Sorry to post this, but the search is down... as you all know :shrugs:
  2. I'm surprised they'd make new ones considering right after they came out with new colors last fall Ipod came out with a new design!
  3. I hope so! Especially since we have the redesigned Nano's. Now the Coach covers don't fit.:sad:
  4. I've been wondering this too. I got a Nano for Christmas and I really want a Coach cover but they aren't the right ones, so disappointing :sad:
  5. I've been wondering too. I just got the new nano and was hoping for a nice coach cover.
  6. I doubt they’ll be making them anytime soon. So many companies lost their butt when Apple (once again) changed their iPods. It’s like a yearly thing now.
  7. I think you guys may be right about the new cases coming out, every old case in the store is now being deleted next week