Has anyone seen Dark Silver Reissue 226?

  1. Hi,

    I just purchased a Black Metallic and a Dark Silver Reissue in the 227 size from NM. I am having second thoughts about the Dark Silver in the Larger size. I love the Black, but I think I would like the Dark Silver in the 226 size instead..... Has anyone seen one????

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. I bought a 226 Dark Silver reissue yesterday at the Chanel in Tysons, but it was the only one they had. I put my name on the waiting list on NM before I walked over to Chanel. If your interested, PM me and I'll ask my SA to give you my spot on the list. He said he's definitely getting them in soon.

  3. PM me for my SA. I think she can get one for you on the spot.