Has anyone seen CL Freddy or Louis?

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  1. I'm trying to find a pair of Freddy or Louis. The only store near me that carries CL's is Saks and they don't carry the men's CL's yet.

    Are they only selling them at boutiques?
  2. Iam on the waitlist for the freddys at the SC and Beverlly's boutique and they said they havnt gotten them in yet...it can come in from now till march...you prob should call the store and put ur name down. The mens line is only at certain boutiques i heard.
  3. ^^ yes I would call and put you same down. I asked them about the waitlist for these (for mr. naked and they said it was over 20 people long!
  4. ^^ those are for women... :confused1:

    I thought he was talking about the men's version. Maybe not.
  5. Thanks so much for the help.

    Yeah, I was looking for the men's version:smile:

    I really want a pair of the Louis Sneakers, but I also want to see what the Freddy looks like in person.
  6. Sorry! I didn't realize there was a difference! :P

    My SA at Barneys said he was getting some for himself, so you should try there, perhaps.
  7. JetSetGo,

    From what I can tell there doesn't seem to be a difference, but the only problem is I'm a men's size 10 US & 9 UK... So I think that would probably translate to at least a 42.5 or 43? in European size? and from my wife's experience CL's seem to run small. She's usually a 8.5 or 9 US, but she wears 40.5 in CL's...one pair she even went up to a 41?

    Hopefully the men's CL's make it to Barney's or Saks so I can try them on in person.:biggrin:
  8. Try to get on the list for Barneys since they will be getting Men's sizes. Then they can call you when they come in. They definitely run small!