Has anyone seen Chanel Silver Metallic Bowling from the Luxury Line?

  1. Where can I get this bag? It's sold out everywhere! :0(
    Has anyone seen one at the store? If so, please let me know which store? Thanks!
  2. I don't think they ever made the bowling in silver metallic...
  3. they did and it's gone as far as I know.

    You need to watch eBay I guess.
  4. yes i have it. i searched high and low for that bag forever and finally got it from chanel soho. my SA told me that the whole country was sold out but i NEEDED that bag so i called chanel 800 # and they told me that two were coming in to soho that day. so i did a charge send
  5. jillsconsignment.com had one. She has great prices!!
  6. I actually own the silver. I love it. Will have to take a pic and post it. My DH ordered it for me as a surprise! I wanted the bllack metallic but the silver is almost a graphite and I love it. There is the same color in a tote on E-Bay too.
  7. I just called the Chanel boutique in Soho NYC, and it's sold-out. :0(
    Thanks for the tips!
  8. Great site! I see they have one, but it's sold. :0(
    Thanks for the tips!
  9. Yes, I gues I will have to wait and see if anyone sells one in Ebay.
    Thanks for the tips!
  10. you're welcome. keep looking though and call the 800# from the chanel website to see if any of the stores have it on order and then call that store to have it sent to you
  11. I'll do that and thanks again for the advised. ;0)
  12. I'sorry, I was wrong. My SA told me they would not made it in silver, and that's why I bought it in gold:sad:

    I'm really sorry if I gave a wrong information:flowers:
  13. ^no worries! Our SA's tell us different things all the time - sometimes they're not always right! LOL!
  14. I LOVE the bronze this F/W!:yes: