Has anyone seen B. Fendi IRL?

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  1. For those of you that have seen them IRL, how do you like the B-bags? Do you think it'll be easy to get things in and out of them? With their big flaps, I wonder how functional they are? :unsure:
  2. I didnt really like the closure when I checked it out :sad: Some people like it though.
  3. I got to see one of the more 'ornate' b bags in real life - it was leather with the flower embroidery on the 'belt straps' in the medium size - and it was absolutely gorgeous!

    It was hard to get in and out of though - it's a definitely a bag to carry when you can take your time with things - like retrieving your lipstick or keys. Lazy lunch?
  4. I agree, its not a bag to be in a hurry with. But I don't mind the closure.
  5. I FINALLY saw a "prototype"/sample at the Fendi store. I've been WANTING this bag FOREVER and my local NM has yet to receive the bag. So I was SUPER excited to finally see one in person. BUT I was not impressed.

    The closure is a bit odd. It looks like you have to lift "up" to get it to open/release. The SA wouldn't even let me try! I think that might be a sign.... Either it's difficult or they're paranoid of people breaking it. It was attractive, but smaller than I thought! It's not as wide as the MJ Elise and a little "thinner"... I couldn't put it on my shoulder--the chains were too short and it'd look odd anyways. You can onlly put it on your arm.

    It was cute--but I was disappointed. It's not going to be the bag for me this year. But definitely see one in person before making up your mind. Just b/c I didn't like it doesn't mean you won't!
  6. I haven't seen it. All of the above is very interesting.
  7. I agree.
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