Has anyone seen around a large Leather Tote ?

  1. I've been looking around recently for a large ( more like huge ) black leather tote to carry around when i'm out and about through the town in the weekends ? I've found some large leather totes but they're usually made of some sort of fabric and i just really need a leather bag! If anyone has any suggestions i'd appericate it.:supacool:

    price range: any amount right now...i just need to find exactly what i've been looking for.
  2. Hi, might I suggest this Coach leather gallery tote? I was eyeing this myself (in beige). I like it because it has no real label, it's very subtle, just a nice, well made bag. :yes:


    I'm a tote girl myself! good luck on the hunt
  3. The Jimmy Choo Ramona is fairly large. In fact, that's why I want the smaller one, the Riki. I don't want a bag that big.
  4. Check eBay Banana Republic Santa Fe tote. This has got to be the best bag, in terms of it being a large tote. Leather is buttery soft. I went for a quick flight to visit my parents one weekend and used this bag. I love it.:heart:
  5. I covet this after learning about the company from a lovely person whose name I can't remember in this forum: https://secure.belenechandia.com/asp/collection.asp?intColId=77.

    How about the large Cameron bag by Ani at FengJunk or the large Nadia at JC Madison?

    Yoox should have some large ones.

    The Biasia "wild lady" double handle on ebags (recommended by Passerby) might fit the bill.
  6. The Kooba Ada sounds like what you might be looking for. It's large but along with that comes some severe poundage. It's a gorgous bag. I had it and sold it because of it's weight and then I got the Little sister of it called a Jillian that is my avatar pic.

  7. try thr coach leather baby bags at the outlets, very close the legacy some reccommended, but only about 250!
  8. If you want a huge leather tote and am not concerned about the price, Chanel's coco cabas in black leather might be right for you. It's HUGE.
  9. i would suggest coco cabas in vinyl ot leather :


    or maybe balenciaga shopping in black

  10. You have killer taste in bags. I love all of these :nuts:
  11. How about this Cole Haan? I absolutely LOVE it but it's too large for me...but I'm still tempted.

    You can get it for 30% off at Bloomingdales.com in the few days and an additional 3% through Lucky Rewards or 2% through ******.
  12. This Dutchy bag is huge:

    21" x 11.5" x 5"

    Jet Tote