Has anyone seen any VG coin purses?

  1. Please pm me if you've seen one while out and about. I actually had one a couple months ago and sold it! :wtf:
    What was I thinking?

    What's my best bet for finding a magenta mu clutch besides eBay? TIA
  2. Barney New York, Barneys Copley Place, Barney Chestnut Hill has them (at least last time I checked!)...I'm talking about the Vert Gazon.:yahoo:

    Magenta MU might be a bit trickier...doesn't ZACOREY have one?
  3. Thanks! I'll give them a call tomorrow.
  4. Yay! Oh yeah, call Barneys New York as a LAST RESORT (of the 3 stores)...I found that Copley and Chestnut Barneys are a bit friendlier and more helpful compared to the uber busy Barneys NY.
  5. Barney NY definitely has one!
  6. A question here, does Barney NY ship internationally? thanks
  7. Cracker I hope you get this. That would be the most adorable thing ever <<<<<swoon>>>>>!