Has anyone seen any Toki's in the Tanger Outlets?

  1. The Tangers outlets in NY is a huge collection of department stores that are cheaper than retail. Only it is a bit far from me. ~60 miles or so. If anyone's been there or is planning to, can you check for any toki's? TIA
  2. What store do you think would have them out there? :shrugs: There's no Lesportsac store out there. :confused1:
  3. You know what? I think you're right. I just looked over their selection of stores and they're all too specific to have any tokis. I just didn't remember what stores they had and thought "they had sooo many stores there, one of them might have." I thought there was a L&T there, but it was liz claiborne.

  4. No, don't apologize...I was just curious and wondering what store you thought could possibly have it. If there was one, I was gonna send my sister there!! :lol:
    It's just as far as I know it's like Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, blah blah blah I actually think there's an off 5th there but toki's too cheap for them to carry it. :shrugs: