Has anyone seen any sandstone part times with awesome leather? r/o

  1. I've got a city I bought from BNY and it is so fabulous, but I think I want a parttime instead. The only problem is that, according the the SA at BNY, the only sandstone PTs they have ave a lot of white marbling. I'm looking for one with a lot of wrinkled distressing, not smooth, but not veiny either - if that makes sense.

    Anyone seen any lately?
  2. I have a fabulous Sandstone Parttime that I got from Nordstrom. It has amazing leather. Have you called there yet?
  3. No, I haven't called around yet. I may have found one, though. I'll report back if it pans out.
  4. hgbags (Erica) is getting some.:nuts: Ask for pics.:smile:
  5. I was just going to suggest hgbags. The leather on the Sandstone Bbags she's had/will be getting are excellent...
  6. Hehe. You guys are awesome. That is exactly the lead I am following up on!