Has anyone seen any Outdoor Hobos?

  1. Hi, I've been searching for the Outdoor Ligne hobo in the large size after this second markdown but have had no luck. If anyone sees one anywhere or returns one, please PM me! I prefer the navy or brown, but will take black as well. Thanks for any help!
  2. I saw 2 at NM Newport Beach yesterday. Large hobo in dark brown and small hobo in light brown. SA's contact info is Vonne Nguyen at 949-759-1900 x2772. Please tell her Lani referred you!
  3. Hi Lani, thanks for the info! I called asking for Vonne but she wasn't in today. So I spoke to another SA and she was able to find the small hobo, not the large. So if anyone is looking for it, NM Newport Beach has one. Thanks Lani for your help! If anyone sees any more of the large hobo, let me know! Thanks!