Has anyone seen any Ink's for sale lately? Aussie girl needs help here!

  1. I am looking for an Ink Twiggy or First, but I live in Australia and us Aussies normally have to beg around to find any sort of Bbag. Cult Status have sold out, Aloha Rag have sold out (of course). Can anyone recommend a store in the States that have any left? I need phone numbers!

    Thanks so much...:confused1:
  2. For a First i would try Barneys New York, in NY on Madison Ave (phone # can be found in the thread about retailers carrying Bbags)
  3. ooh i understand your frustration all too well!:rant:

    After being disappointed with the stock remaining at our ONLY retailer (cultstatus), i ended up getting my rouge vif first :wlae: from Bal NY. All i had to do was call them, they were so nice. Sent me an email with current stock and when I decided, just gave them my CC details and they processed/shipped straight away. Too easy!

    Maybe try doing it this way...call some of the overseas stores, like NY or the two in Dubai?

    Honestly its just too much of a hassle going through any of our retailers (dont even BOTHER with Miss Louise!)

    Plus it ended up working out $400 AUD cheaper (inc shipping!)
  4. Neiman's in Las Vegas has a few left!!
  5. Ohhhh....NO INK here, Thailand, too!:hysteric:
  6. Try Barney's Manhasset. They had some a couple of months ago but they may be sold out now. Good luck.
  7. Carrie Bradshaw (love the name!) - how recently did you see the Ink in NM Las Vegas? What styles?
  8. A word of caution, when I went to NM Vegas one of the SAs kept saying one of the day bags was an INKY BLUE, but something about it was off. Anyway I ended up getting my bag from BAL NY, saved me tax etc. and when I compared the one she had showed me,later, it wasn't close to mine, much bluer. I was in a rush so I couldn't get the name it showed up in the system, but I would get them to do that and even get them to send a pix? Just to err on the side of caution. The SA might have been confused, but I did ask for Ink.Perhaps they did have Inks and she did not pull the right one up for me.:confused1: Anyway I thought I'd share....
  9. I do not know an ink first or twiggy, but last week I did see that Barneys Boston still had an ink box.
  10. I believe Barneys Beverly Hills has a couple too.
  11. I've seen a ink weekender here in Italy..they don't ship overseas but i can buy it for you if you want.
    It retails for 1045€ = 1375$ ( now is 1100€ but ink is from the s/s 06 collection)
  12. Thanks for the post Ranskimmie! I just ordered an Ink First from Barneys Beverly Hills! They have one more if anybody wants it - 1-310-276-4400.

    I have also discovered the following Ink bags today:
    Barneys Copley Square Boston - Ink Box
    Barneys Las Vegas - Ink Day, Work, Part Time
    Barneys Beverly Hills - Above mentioned First, plus I believe they have a couple of other bags.
    Nobody I talked to had any Ink City in stock.

    I am so excited! My Ink First will be my first bbag!!!! Overnight shipping will get it here tomorrow!!!
  13. Kitegirl must be asleep dreaming of Ink bbags;) Its 5.30am in Australia. I hope she can get hold of one in time.
  14. Sorry, the Las Vegas store is Neiman Marcus, not Barneys