Has anyone seen any Chloe Elsie Clutches anywhere?

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  1. I'm looking for the Chloe Elsie in the clutch version (i.e. the one without the chain handle [or any handle!]).

    Would be interested in most colours, but probably not the cream, unless it's a real bargain, as I'm sure I'd ruin it almost immediately! :Push:

    Also can't do real exotics, unfortunately, for ethical reasons.

    Ideally, it would be on sale and in the UK, or the EU, as we pay a fortune on import duties, VAT and other charges, here! :sweatdrop:

    But, elsewhere would be fine, too, as long as the discount was good.

    Many thanks for any help you can give me! :flowers:
  2. The crystal bow clutch version is on sale at Harvey Nics.com, not sure if thats the one that you are after?!:heart:
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    Hi saz! :biggrin:

    Thanks so much for the tip! :flowers:

    That wasn't actually the style I was looking for, no - I was actually looking for the style pictured below, but in different colours (although, I wouldn't mind a second Purple patent as a back-up, actually, as I like mine so much).

    I think Harvey Nicks must have called it the Elsie by accident? As I really can't see how it and the one below can both be the Elsie, can you?

    But, as I liked that one as well, I got it anyway, just assuming it was the black one shown on the index page (there were no pics on the product page, for some reason?) - then, afterwards, I noticed that it was actually in purple, according to the invoice and I've only ever seen that style in black, or pale grey, so I have absolutely no idea what it will look like?! :shrugs: :lol:

    It might be the same kind of 'Purple' as my Elsie clutch (i.e. the true Elsie clutch, below), which is actually a maroon, or raspberry colour; so a muted red, not a purple at all.

    Or it might be a true purple, or a blue-purple, or a lilac, or something else entirely?

    Talk about confusing! :biggrin:

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  4. ^ Thanks namie! :flowers:

    It's lovely and it doesn't say but, from the price, I'd say that it's probably real snakeskin, isn't it?

    If so, I can't do it, I'm afraid...

    But thanks very much for finding it for me, anyway! :biggrin:
  5. Yes thought it would be tempting, was thinking the same, but Im waiting for another clutch to reappear on fleabay!!! Good deal though, the pics I reckoned this was the style you were after, but just wanted to put the HN option out there, lol!!! Post pics when you get here!! :heart:
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    ^ Yes, very good deal - just hope I like the colour!

    Can't say I was that fond of the grey one, TBH - I love grey, but not really very pale greys.

    If it's a really pale lilac, or mauve, I may not like it.

    Also, wonder whether it may have been bumping around the shop floor for months?! :sweatdrop:

    We shall see...

    Oh are you, which one (assuming you want to say on here, that is!)? :biggrin:
  7. saz, it arrived today and it's gorgeous! :biggrin:

    The colour's called Dark Purple and it's a brownish, deep red-purple.

    In some (artificial) lights it looks like a lightish aubergine and in others, almost like a darkish, purplish chocolate and then it has bronze, or copper, coloured piping.

    I think I actually prefer it to the black, TBH - it's more subtle and yet it's not overly girly, or wedding-ish, as (much as I like Chloe's lighter coloured clutches) I think this particular style, with the bow, might have been in a lighter colour?

    It arrived in a too-small box, so I was preparing myself for the worst but, luckily, it was just bent over slightly and not actually folded, so it appears to be OK...

    It arrived with a hangtag, dustbag and spare crystals, but with no authenticity card, or carecards, so I'm thinking of getting onto HN tomorrow and asking them whether they can send them out to me, as I'd like to register it.

    So, thanks so much, again, for letting me know about it, saz (even though it wasn't actually an Elsie)! :flowers: :hugs: