Has anyone seen any Blue Glacier / Periwinkle First/Box/City

  1. Hi~
    I've been looking for a Blue Glacier/Periwinkle Balenciaga for awhile but couldn't find any!!! It was a pre-spring 2007 color I think, so I'm not sure if the stores still have them. I've been stalking on eBay for awhile but all I've seen was a weekender in that color. Has anyone seen any that's of a smaller size? Thanks so much for all your help!!! :heart:

  2. I don't think we're allowed to advertise our own eBay listings...:shrugs:
  3. :huh::huh::huh: oops...I didn't know that.....please ignore my earlier post......
  4. a week ago there was a work at NM in Paramus. Not sure it's still there.
  5. There's a Work at NM in Paramus NJ
  6. Thanks everyone! I will keep an eye on the City! I really like this color, but it seems like not many are made since I haven't seen many ppl who own it? I will love if anyone sees it in a smaller size too, like a first/box/twiggy since I'm not very tall! :p
  7. You didn't advertise your listing you just said that thats your listing. What you did was fine. What you can't do is post the link to your own auction!
  8. why oh why did i click on this thread. the Work on AFF is on hold now. i'm sad and relieved at the same time :lol: