Has anyone seen any black on black cambon totes anywhere?

  1. Anyone? If you have please let me know where. Thanks ladies!:flowers:
  2. there is a black/black reporter on eBay right now...Item number: 330024609829
  3. I thought I saw a tote at the Tysons, VA boutique, but that might have been Saks Chevy Chase that I saw it.
  4. which size are you looking for? Neiman Marcus at the houston galleria had a black/black medium cambon tote and a large tote in black/patent black on display when i went on friday.
  5. i saw a black on black tote at the NM in tyson's yesterday (saturday).
  6. Yes ma'am! I won't bother you w/ the info unless you want it, but my NM had a few on Fri when I was there.
  7. short hills nj at the nm