Has anyone seen any Baby Animals collection clothing/jewelry on sale?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has seen any clothing or costume jewelry/accessories from the baby animals collection on sale anywhere?
  2. Search on this forum. I know that the baby animals stuff is on sale and people have mentioned specifics. I think someone mentioned they got a charm bracelet?
  3. I did saw some Baby Animal clothings in NM/Stanford last week. Sorry that I didn't see this earlier...maybe they still have it.
  4. NM Charlotte has a baby animals hair clip and scarf.
  5. Thanks ladies for all the input!:yes:

    Hmm...I wonder if anywhere still has the charm bracelet on sale- would love to get a deal on one!
  6. Oooo...what does the hair clip look like? and do you remember the price?
  7. At my chanels I've only seen a ton of totes and diaper bags and a visor.
  8. Damian at Saks in Bala Cynwyd had the baby animals charm bracelet today for sale.:yes:
  9. I wish I'm in US right now, just for the Chanel Sale :drool::drool::drool:
  10. anybody know how much is the charm bracelet?thanks:smile:
  11. It was in the $500 range (on sale).
  12. does anyone have pic of the bracelet?
  13. Seattle Nordstroms had some clothes and bags last week.

  14. It's the thin ones, med and dark brow. Very cute.
  15. ahh i'm kicking myself for not waiting for the sale...i got my bracelet when it first came out..i suppose i can take solace in the fact that i when i did get it i got the last one...:push:

    here is a pic for any of the ladies who are wondering