Has anyone seen any 2006 Legacy bags in the outlets lately?

  1. I really want the Ali or Mandy in white or whiskey. Or the Ali in Blk signature.. I live in NYC and my closest outlet is the Woodbury Commons outlet and I don't really find any legacy items there. Would you please let me know at which outlets you have have seen any legacy pieces. Do you know if I will be able to call, place my order, pay via credit card and will they ship to my home? Thanks so much!
  2. Someone posted pics of their outlet yesterday and there was a white satchel, maybe she knows
  3. When I went to kittery maine a few weeks ago they had some whisky Ali's left. also you can call Tilton nh, they are nice there and very helpful, they may have a return or something but they had a lot when I went there right before xmas
  4. Tannersville in Pa had whiskey Mandys last week when I was there.
  5. All of the Vegas ones have been sold out of the Legacy Mandy's and Ali's for a while now. :tdown: If you do find one you can go into YOUR outlet and do a charge/send.. you still have to go into an outlet and pay and that is how it gets shipped.
  6. I would get the whiskey ali an try to do it now. Call the one mentioned in this thread and have them hold it then go to your outlet and do the charge send.
  7. Hershey, PA had a white ali yesterday. And satchels in Whiskey. No Mandy's.
  8. In the mammoth lakes, ca outlet they had a legacy slim flap in natural yesterday.
  9. I was at Woodbury Commons on Saturday. I saw 2 Alis - both khaki/gold sig. They did have some white legacy bags left, but I didn't look too closely, so the only bag I'm sure of is the small shoulder zip 10326. Worth a call since they do still have some legacy though. Good luck :tup:
  10. i think burlington, wa had whiskey alis last week.
  11. I bought my 2006 White Legacy Shoulder Zip at Woodbury. They had a lot a while ago I hear. I dont know if they do anymore.
  12. I was at Woodbury Common Plaza today and they did have one natural Ali and one Whiskey Ali. They did have some Bleeker small zips and some Bleeker small signature
    hobos for I believe $100. They had two Ergo Belted Hobos in tobacco as well.
  13. I bought my whiskey Ali a week before Christmas at the outlet. I went back last Thursday and they only had satchels in black sig left.