Has anyone seen an RH Day or City in Tomato?

  1. I'm asking all of the stateside girls? I've had no luck tracking anything down in Italy and since my boyfriend is visiting my soon, I would love if he could bring it with him. So anyone? There surely must be a smooshy tomato somewhere for me? :flowers: Any help would be great!
  2. Amiekbs, there were two gorgeous Tomato Days on fleabay recently and South also found one of the SGH :push:..
    I was calling for you on that thread but I suppose since you are overseas perhaps it's a bit hard for you to have internet access..
  3. And I believe few members got their Tomato Day both in RH and GH recently from BalNY..

    Good luck!
    I am living my dream of Tomato Day thru' you! :sweatdrop:
  4. There was one in RH at NM in Paramus, NJ. Call them, and if they don't have it they can check other stores. Some NM SAs are clueless, so ask them to read you the tag, so you can make sure it's the right numbers (I think it should start with 2007 3 for F/W but I'm not an expert).
  5. It should definitely start with 2007 3. For a Tomato Day, the last 3 numbers are 637 and for a Tomato City, 205.
  6. I had commented that Nordstrom Arden Fair had a RH tomato City as of Tuesday. A fellow tPFer may have gotten to it already but it's worth a phone call. (916-6746-2400).
  7. It's still there! She's sending me a picture right now and if it's gorgeous like she is telling me it is, it's going to join my boyfriend soon! You're awesome, thanks so much!!

    I called, it's no longer there, thank you so much though! :flowers:
  8. Awww aki_sato! I'm almost scared to tell you that I'm actually over the desire for the SGH, I'm preferring the RH lately, it's more wearable and less 'blingy'... I still love my Natural GH Day to pieces, I'm unsure about the other GH piece I have, so yea Tomato in RH for Amanda...and I can't find an RH, I checked with BalNY, both the Tomato SGH and Tomato RH Day left are a bit worse for wear according to my SA and I trust her opinion in bags, so right now, I'm going to purchase the RH city. I don't want to let Tomato slip through my fingers! I hope that once your ban is over, you can indulge in the prettiest Tomato Day anyone can hope for! :tup:
  9. I'm so pleased for you. Let us know if you end up getting it!
  10. LOL!
    I know what you mean Amanda, cos I am too over the GH..:sweatdrop:

    Really? You purchased the RH city then? :nuts::yahoo:
    LOL! I need to laugh now, cos it's just so strange..I too bought a Tomato RH City from fellow TPF and still awaiting for it..

    We started the same addiction with GH, then got over it, and at the end bought the same bag in RH!! :roflmfao:

    *Wonder if you are my tomato lover twin!! :roflmfao:

  11. That is so crazy! I think I am your tomato lover twin! I did indeed buy the Tomato City, the very last one and the leather looks divine so I'm quite happy!:yahoo: We'll have a Tomato City pic post party!

    And oh! What did you buy in Electric Blue???? ;)
  12. i was coming to post that neiman's in sf has a tomato RH day (saw it earlier) but it looks like you already got a city...
  13. Isn't that????

    Oh yeah Amanda, :drinkup:toast to my tomato lover twin!!! :nuts:
    Post pics when your Tomato City RH arrives! :nuts:

    I bought EB in City, here is a pic to enable :graucho:
  14. On man!!! You both have the Tomato RH City!!! I am so insanely jealous even though my wallets are better off not taking another beating!!!

    CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:Please post pictures & help push me off the cliff! :crybaby: