Has Anyone Seen an MbMJ Softy Tote? HELP!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a MbMJ Softy Tote in CHALK color. I would like to buy this for my mom for her bday, but I can't find it anywhere! I even called Nordies customer service and asked them to try and locate it in store, but to no avail :sad:

    Pics of the bag I'm looking for attached!

    Btw, it's a gift, so i'm looking for a new bag (no eBay :smile: )
    softy tote.jpg
  2. Have you tried calling a Marc by Marc Jacobs store?
  3. Aww i am so sorry and 2'nd the suggestion by Melly..i rem seeing the green one in stock iirc hth
  4. Thanks, Melly & mjfan!

    I will try calling the MbMJ store, but was hoping to find it elsewhere (trying to avoid that MbMJ $20 shipping charge!) If all else fails, I guess I will end up calling the MbMJ store, though.

    Nordies has the camouflage color, but I need to find a chalk color - it's for my mom's bday, which is not until mid-July, so I have some time, but I'd like to get it soon if possible.

    Thanks again!

    If anyone else has seen the chalk in store somewhere (or online), please let me know!
  5. I don't know whether it helps or not but I saw a lot left in London.
  6. bump! help! desperation sinking in! :p