Has anyone seen an lock like this???

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  1. Hi, some of you know I bought a vintage Kelly from eBay recently.
    This is its lock, at first I thought it was just a cheap one from the hardware store, because I couldnt see any stamp on it, and it seems to be brass and stainless steel.
    Once I had cleaned it up, I notice it does have HERMES PARIS stamped on it , but at the top of the lock.
    I have never seen a lock like this.
    Can any one shed any light on it??

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  2. no, never seen it. but it looks nice.
  3. Hi Raz, how vintage is your bag? It does seem correct in that the number of the lock and the keys match. My silver Kelly watch is name stamped in the same place at the top if that helps?
  4. Thank you, costa

    cvw1004, hi, my Kelly is stamped T, so 1964!!
    I had it checked on the Authenticate It thread, but the lock is throwing me off.
    I wonder if its from something else H made, I have been looking over everyones pics of their vintage bags, and they all seem to have a normal lock. :confused1:
  5. Sorry I didn't really help much did I? This is one for the specialist vintage collectors I guess. I know that with the older bags there can be anomalies with zippers and such like, so it may just be that your lock is an example of this too. Maybe the lock was made by the Eclaire company who made the zippers? Guessing wildly here!!
  6. Could you take it back to Hermès?
  7. The lock could be from another bag, earlier than your 64 Kelly. I am not a vintage expert but I do know that vintage HAC has plain lock

    Old Hermes lock is about function, unlike current pretty cadenas
  8. I have one! My kelly is from the 50s. Your bag might be older than you think. I was told that the datestamp was not a date stamp but the craftsman mark in my case. Notice how the tirette is not sewn on the edges. Very rare to get one of these locks, many were lost and replaced with the new design.
  9. A Kelly?? What? When? Did I miss your reveal?
  10. Liberte, I wish I lived closer to anH store, or actually maybe not, too much temptation.

    ken-doll, thats what I was wondering too, maybe it came off a different bag.

    Encore, WOW!! you have one. I was beginning to worry about it. Yes I noticed there was no stitching on the tirette (thank you for informing me about the name, I had no idea!) That was going to be my next question.
    Thank you, that makes me very happy.

    mooks, no reveal. It was an eBay impulse buy. LOL. Vache Naturalle (sp??) and Toile Kelly. Fantastic bargain though!!
  11. Sounds gorgeous! Can we see it?

  12. I shall post some pics in the morning.
    The Toile is not quite as pretty as it should be, but when I spoke to my SA, she said if it was uniformly yellow looking, and not stained, it was y due to age, and probably sending it away, wouldnt improve it much.
  13. Me again Raz, did a bit of a poke around on the interwebs and found this on fleabay France - looks similar to yours.
  14. Oh yes I understand what she means, only way to brighten/lighten that would be a bleaching agent and that's just something you don't want near toile
  15. ^^it would probably disintegrate :P
    Off to look at doc's leather guide again