has anyone seen an envelope plate around?

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  1. any color?? please let me know. I saw one on ebay for 600:wtf:. i was wondering if anyone has seen any in stores? thanks
  2. i saw lots of pomme envelope plates in the LV boutique in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) last week .. i guess they have all the colors, cause things aren't going that fast here..
  3. oh my, would they ship it? It would probaly be outrageously expensive..........thanks
  4. they don't ship:crybaby: If you really want it PM me:yes:
  5. I saw a Pearle one in London too so yeah they are still about
  6. I saw a few in Boston last week, so I think it is possible to find them, good luck
  7. I would love to buy one too.
    I called the 1 866 vuitton and they said there were no more.
    Was it a LV boutique in Boston you saw one at or another store?
  8. Good luck in your quest to find an envelope plate. I purchased the last one here in Hawaii..a pearl colored one. Best of wishes!!!
  9. really??? I live close to LV Amsterdam! I think I will take a look very soon!!!
  10. just that one on ebay! i want a white one. can't belive i didnt get one when it was o out
  11. i just saw a white one two days ago at burjuman mall in dubai..