Has anyone seen an auction like this before?

  1. I have seen private auctions before - I gathered it was it you wanted to sell to a specific person, but to allow the buyer (and seller I guess if the buyer is using paypal), some protection against fraud.

    However, when I had seen it in the past they were always BIN auctions. Very odd that it is started at 0.01 - I also have a bit of an issue with the seller's username!
  2. I've heard of this but I don't really get it. Good question...hopefully someone else knows the answer!
  3. Hate to be the bad guy here but I am reporting that listing. They are obviously circumventing eBay fees - and that name makes me shiver as well...
  4. O...so they both agree to buy a certain item and the seller makes a new auction to avoid paying the fees for a high ending price??
    Wow the things plp are coming up with these days!
    Wait...i have a question, but doesnt that mean that the buyer (if paid thru paypal) is only going to be out of luck if theres anything wrong with the item since the invoice is only for 1 cents?
    im confused.
  5. To me it looks like they are trying to compete the transaction using eBay - but for 1 cent??? That seems to me to be avoiding the fees --- listing and FVF. They might have agreed to send payment via check/MO for actual amount of purchase?!? I dunno - but it looks wrong to me-let eBay check it out...
  6. That is weird. They are definitely up to something!
  7. I dont get it....how come the name is bothering people? Sorry, I feel really dumb but I want to understand!

    They are only selling cheap-o MBMJ stuff like PVS trinkets and cloth bags right?
  8. Weird.
    I've done this before for bidders, but I always make it a BIN, not a full auction. It usually happens when something they want ends and I relist it (or if I haven't and they want it), I just add on the relisting fee to the total, which is usually about .45.
    Anyway this one is fishy though, anything about "supply" is something I'd stay far away from.
  9. ^ I've had this done for me before too, but as lvbabydoll says, it's always been a BIN. I just can't get over the starting price - what is going on?!
  10. You should never mind feeling dumb, at least you know you're not alone. :lol: I mean it must be desperately lonely being one of those people who think they know everything. I can't see anything wrong with the name "legitsupply" ... all it sounds like to me is 1. this would have to be a man and 2. not likely to be a man with any imagination. But what the heck would I know? :shrugs:
  11. i dont see the problem with the seller name either .. "legitsupply" -- i.e. legitimate supply?

  12. ^Because, especially on this site, you learn quickly what sellers you can and can't trust. Their seller name sounds like a wholesaler, which most companies do not do. And anyone that claims to get their items from a wholesaler or has a large bulk of any item is deemed fishy since the items may be fake.
  13. we should all bid!!!! over and over???
  14. I had an evil thought of bidding, but didn't.