Has ANYONE seen an 07 Marine City?? I think it may be my HG..

  1. I need to STOP the madness with which BBag to get next. I just got my first City in black. I found an 07 Mogano City :love: that is on it's way.....they are my two "staples." Oh yes, and I forgot about the black wallet........bad bad bad.

    I have found lately that I am just dying for a dark blue bag because I wear jeans practically every day. I absolutely LOVE the 07 Marine City, but do you think she is out there????

    I just had an EB City with GSH sent to me and the GSH is just not for me....plus I still like the Marine more.

    Where is she????????
  2. You found a Mogano City??? You are so lucky!!! CONGRATS!!!

    Marine GGH City turns up on rafaello from time to time but since you are averse to GH(like me), I am not sure where you can get your hands on a Marine RH City. Sorry but no help from me.
  3. Cosmopolitan Shoes had a Marine WE, City and something else with GGH when I was there in Jan.

    Markup is massive though.
  4. Forgot to say I also wanted it with RH.....I know, beggars can't be choosers right?? It is just GORGEOUS though!:drool:
  5. Anyone else??
  6. Maybe you should give BalNY a call. I got a Marine Brief from them just a few weeks ago. I was surprised that they still had this color! :yahoo:
  7. Marine is such a gorgeous color and I love the depth and versatility of it. I have a ggh brief and it's a beauty.
  8. i remember seeing a city and a first on styledrops.com .. never purchased from them though .. good luck
  9. Wow what a great find CeeJay!!! HTH Kristie!
  10. I have a Marine City and its color is much darker than the one on let-trade.