Has anyone seen aMiu miu bow satchel anywhere?

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  1. THanks a lot everyone.
    I found a great SA from Saks (out of state ) and she told me that even though Saks did get more bow bags, it was limited to just black and grey. There are only 3 pink bows in the whole system.
    I guess this is a sign telling me that i should get the black one. (I already have a grey Coffer)
  2. The Saks in Greenwich CT had the brown too....I also tried Saks before and they said there was only black and grey but then called around and found other colors.
    Try Saks in CT and ask for Jackie. Its a cognac color and I think seeing them all there together, was the best color in my opinion.
  3. I live in Atlanta as well and was at Neiman's today. They had two new bags that I hadn't seen last week and they had bows on the side (one was black, one was pink), but they didn't fold over like the normal bow satchel I'm used to seeing - they zipped or snapped I think. Also, I called the Miu Miu store in NY today to check on something else and they were so nice, so try calling the store on Madison to see if they have it!
  4. I don't want to break any rules on the forum but I have a brand new Mughetto bow that I purchased for a friend. PM me if you need info.

    I have two bows myself and am planning to get it in another color. :love:
  5. My great SA from SAKS NY called me yesterday and told me they had a few bows left. They had ONE mughetto (pink) and black and alluminio (light grey).
  6. Oh my. I am so jealous! What two colors do you have again linpaddy? Mughetto and what's the other color? I was going to get two bows too during the SAKS sale. But I didn't have that much $ even though a 400GC was so tempting........ :wtf:

    What color are you planning to get for your 3rd bow :graucho:
  7. I believe i saw a few at the Saks on Michigan Ave in Chicago, But i dont remember what colors
  8. I was just at Saks in Atlanta a few hours ago... they have bow satchels in black (nero). I ordered one in alluminio!!
  9. Saw the old style Bow today at NM in Austin in pink (they had 2), in addition to the new style in pink and black. Monica was the SA.