Has anyone seen aMiu miu bow satchel anywhere?

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  1. It's not at Atlanta Saks or Neimans nor on any website beside styledops.com.
    Has anyone seen one these days?

    BTW, which color looks better for you gals? Black or pink?
    The grey looks great but I already have a grey Coffer.
  2. miniblue... why don't you have a Saks SA do a search for you and have them order it for you if they don't have it at their store. I have a wonderful Saks SA at Phoenix who I order my purses from. If you want her help, PM me and I'll give you her info. Oh, and if you don't live in AZ, you don't have to pay tax! :tup:

    I like the mughetto (pink) color, but if you don't have any black purses, I would go for black just because of the issues posted here on the pink and grey bows.
  3. marose, does that tax rule apply to all states besides your own??
    and how much is shipping then? THANKS!
  4. I saw one at Saks in Tyson Galleria, McLean, VA last Thursday. They had the grayish color and another one (I think it was brown). If you call ask for Needa, she's very helpful.
  5. Hey! I'm from ATL, too!
    Unfortunately, there's none left at Saks@Phipps and I don't like their service at all. One of SA was able to locate one, but ended up not placing order for me. :sad:
    Try to call other locations like NYC and they will ship for you!
    I actually talked to both NYC and Birmingham, AL and found one in Birmingham. You can also call Miu Miu store in NYC. They can ship for $20 and tax free. (But be careful! No refund, only for store credit...)
    Good luck!!

    Oh I do have alluminio, the light gray color! Gray was my first choice. I was thinking getting a pink instead of gray, since I wasn't able to find one for a long time. But if I were you, I would get pink, since already have a gray~

  6. I'm with you. The Atlanta Saks SAs are not that nice at all. that's why I go to Neimans instead.
    I'm still debating between pink and black.:confused1:
  7. For some reason, even if you have a local Saks, if you order from an out-of-state Saks, you don't pay taxes. I know, it's weird - Nordstrom on the other hand will charge taxes even if you're ordering from out of state.

    Ground shipping is a flat $13. I got charged $18 once but the box was oversized (two huge purses inside).

    Although I like instant gratification, I've learned to wait to get my purses shipped. Saving the $ on taxes is worth it IMO. :tup:

    P.S. and if you have to do a return, bring it to your local Saks... they'll take it no problem.
  8. miniblue, I'd definetly suggest you to give SAKS a call because they just recieved a new shipment of bows (in gray, black, and pink) recently. I just purchased a alluminio (grey) one.

    I'd go for the BLACK bow because of the problems that the pink and grey bows have. Such as cracks/rips on the plastic sealing...
  9. saw one yesterday in Pink at NM Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. hope you find a bow bag!
  10. i did a charge send with my saks cc and got it shipped for free. but unfortunately will be returning since the gray sorta washes me out. i am thinking about the mughetto or black one...maybe i should wait till the friends and family sale/event coming up on 4/24/-4/27 that i saw posted on the deals and steals thread.
  11. ^Yes, if you use Saks cc (which I don't dare because it is my DH's account), you get shipping free!

    BagGal29, good luck with your bow hunting! Have you seen the mughetto IRL? I love the color - it's TDF!
  12. I saw a pink one and a black one yesterday at Neiman Marcus in Austin.
  13. Hello, this isn't confirmed yet but Miu Miu was excluded from last year's F & F sale.

  14. is miu miu included in that??
  15. Saks in CT (Greenwich) have 3 bows in stock. I was there Sunday returning my grey Alluminio bow. They have that one, a black one and a Cognac (Sughero?) one.