Has anyone seen Ametiste irl?

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  1. OMG! This is such a beautiful color. Couldn't resist it after seeing the photo you posted. Just placed an order for it. Can't wait for it to arrive. :yahoo:
  2. Please post pics when it arrives! I think I may finally get to see the color tomorrow :smile:
  3. i love the colour!!! reminds me of orchid!
  4. I love this color. It is not really pink but more like pinkish purple I think. This bag is a medium. Just found out Nieman has large on their web site, I might go for that instead... or the same color montaingn....:greengrin:
  5. Oooh, get the montaigne! I want to see that :smile:
    I wonder how the new montaigne looks in real life. I think this color will be great on a montaigne.
  6. This is a great picture. How exactly is it different from Orchid?

  7. if i remember correctly this is a little pinker/lighter than orchid. you'd only be able tell them apart if they're next to each other.

  8. Wow, what a pretty color! Enjoy, chungwan!

    jburgh, I haven't seen ametiste in person yet, but based on chungwan's photo, I'd agree with apey_grapey, except I don't think that it's that close to orchid. Ametiste looks like a slightly sweet medium pink to me (on my monitor, at least), while orchid is a slightly tart purple/magenta (the way I see my orchid, that is).
  9. Anyone know where I can find a Maxi Veneta in this color?
  10. I'm more into muted tones but this is a lovely happy pink. Not at all girlie or young. Just vibrant and full of depth.
  11. And then comes SHOCK, the new pink in town.


    Seriously, is there a difference? :shocked:
  12. hi all. a newbie to this forum. my first purchase was made this morning, in this color! Can't wait to get it, as I bought it through the mail. I think I made the right choice too.
  13. the Ametiste I mean, not in Shock, though Shock is also is a very sweet color.
  14. Toni Josephine, what color is that? I love it. I regret myself for not acquiring shock belly when I traveled to Asia
  15. Welcome! Please share photos of your BV, once you have it. We love to admire everyone's bags and accessories:biggrin:.