has anyone seen a white caviar medium flap with SH anywhere?

  1. hey ladies,
    i am still trying to decide between the white medium and the white jumbo but it seems like the white medium is harder to find. has anyone spotted any of these anywhere lately? also, do you guys know which store to order from in order to waive the sales tax? thanks!
  2. try chanel boutique SOHO... i think i saw both medium and jumbo today...
  3. Oh you're in LA! Perfect! I saw them both yesterday at the Beverly Hills Chanel boutique.
  4. I saw one last night at the SCP Chanel boutique...if you pick it up there, you can get the OC sales tax rate...
  5. you can try NM troy michigan and ask for lisa hamlin.. i bought my white caviar med with new bijoux chain from her 2 weeks ago. she might still have some.. and able to locate for you.
  6. I saw both sizes with SH in Chanel Bevery Hills on Oct.31.
  7. thanks everyone, i was able to get ahold of one =)
  8. There was one in Las Vegas Wynn when I was there a few days ago.
  9. Hawaii's Ala Moana had the white with silver hardware in both jumbo and medium. Too bad the increase already went into effect.