Has anyone seen a white Betty satchel?

  1. I'm really curious about this. Well the truth is I'm lusting for one. Has anyone seen any around while shopping?

  2. i have one on hold for me at Nordstrom topanga branch in california. i told my wonderful SA Joanna yesterday that i'm not getting it. so call her.
    good luck. this is a medium patent leather.:tup:
  3. Sigh, the patent is gorgeous...but I am looking for plain leather.....

    Thank you anyway!

  4. My girlfriend bought this large betty from NAP uk and when it arrived it was ivory and not white. She went back to the site and it was there as clear as day as being ivory.
    Its a stunning bag but she is returning it as she wants white.

    Id love to know of a pure white one so i can pass on the details to her.