has anyone seen a walk of fame large bag in coral?

  1. if so, please PM me - i think this color is only available at Saks and hopefully they aren't sold out...

    i really need to post pics of my updated collection, i got a ton of beauties lately, including a blue diamond shine N/S tote for 40% off! and the jessica alba bag too which i loveee... will post soon.
  2. ^I pmed u..I saw it at Saks....sent u the phone number of the SA!GOOD LUCK!
  3. Saks NYC-thats where I got mine. They had one on display.
  4. Hi, I just talked to my SA in Atlanta. She has it in stock as of today. You can call Manuella in Saks Atlanta. She is very very very super nice, and she can always locate the bag for you!
  5. I was at SAKS Tampa today and a shipment of 50 bags came in. My SA showed me the large Coral one. Very beautiful. I think the black AND coral is going to sell quickly. While I was there, 3 people inquired on it. If you're interested call Lisa Beck or Sean at SAKS Tampa.
  6. I got it today thanks to Jill (Damian is so great thank you!) but now i'm on the fence about the color... it's a VERY bright orange... I'm not sure if it's too flashy and if i'll wear it... i'm more of a bordeaux darker red kind of person and this leans more orange than red IMHO... any advice on what i should do? ahhh! i do love the style of the bag and i already have so much black...
  7. Skimmilk - can you please post pics? I'd love to see your new bag!
  8. I think the color is TDF for spring and summer!
  9. Will do tonight... still think I am going to return this bag :sad: since I am not "in love" with it (and I'll lose my EGC unfortunately!)

    Don't feel bad for me however since I ordered the drill flap in black (Chanel boutique in Vegas) and white jumbo hybrid and they both should be coming in this week!

    Will post pics of the walk of fame regardless tonight - so that everyone can see what it's like...
  10. WOW you are still looking for this bag and just for your info if you have a good sa you dont loose your card anyway imo the drll is not for you need something more classic to start with
  11. Just saw one earlier today at Saks Troy, MI. Look for Delyse!