Has anyone seen a vert anis lindy IRL?

  1. Any other unusual colors that you've seen? I am seriously going back & forth b/w this bag & a kelly. I saw an evergrain one at my local boutique (ebene, I think?)--anyone ever see evergrain in vert anis or potiron? TIA!

  2. OK, I already answered one of my own questions: it seems that neither one of those colors come in evergrain and vert anis (no potiron) is available in swift. If I wanted those colors, I would have to go with clemence (which is also available in chartreuse..yummy!). Let me know if you run across one of these colors....thanks!
  3. Dear Ms. AmyT:

    My Lindy is in Vert Anis but swift. It appeals to be darker green tone than clemence?!

    Hope this info helps....

  4. Hi Morgan!!!!! :smile:

    I love lindy, too.

    A potiron lindy would be AMAZING!!!!!!
  5. Morganng,
    I looked through the lindy threads & have done multiple board searches and can't find a vert anis or potiron lindy. Is there any way you'd be willing to post a pic of it here? Candace--have you ever had the opportunity to try on the lindy? It was not one that appealed to me, but then I tried it on & it was awesome! I'm thinking this would be more practical for me than the kelly.
  6. Amy, I don't live anywhere near a boutique so I won't get to try on a Lindy unless I go to an H meetup and someone has it, or until I go to buy it in 2010 :sad:

    But from looking at it I can tell it is my bag, you know? I have seen pictures of others wearing it and I just know. I think when I go to get it, I will freak out with joy!!! LOL!!!!! Plus it will be my first bag!!!