Has anyone seen a tan silverado hobo on sale?

  1. Anywhere?????:P
  2. yes.. I just recieved one from Neiman Marcus... it's on sale for $945
    it is awesome..
  3. also they just relisted the silver paddy.. on sale for $1290 I bought it.. but am returning it today.. it's cute.. but I just don't LOVE the color on me.... Mousse is my fav...
  4. I was at Bloomingdales in Long Island's Roosevelt Field Mall just last Friday and I saw a silverado hobo on sale for 30% off. I think the color looked more like a khaki color or beige than a tan. I didn't ask if there were other colors, but it could be worth a shot to call them. :smile:
  5. Check Chloe, NY & SoCal.
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