Has anyone seen a Soft and Chain Hobo Anywhere??

  1. I am desperately searching for the Soft and Chain Black Hobo bag. Has anyone seen one lately? Are they still making it? Thank you in advance for any help. I am a Chanel newbie.:smile:
  2. I saw one at Neiman, Palo Alto Tel. 650-329-3300 last couple week in Black and white. I hope this help.
  3. If you're looking for the large version, I recently bought one in mid-December from the Nordstrom in Topanga. I think the SA who helped me was named Miguel or Manuel--he was definitely Latino and VERY nice.

    When I purchased mine, he said that they had a few in stock. Give them a call. The store's number is 818.884.7900 and just ask for Chanel Handbags!

    Good luck!
  4. I know its been awhile since this thread was update..... but i'm loving the soft chain hobo. Has anyone seen one recently in the stores?
  5. Yes! I just got one last week!
    I had been obsessing about it since seeing it on a post here a few weeks ago and tracked one down at Nordstroms /Topanga.(They had one in the back that they didnt even know about)
    Unfortunately, after getting it home, I'm not sure I love it so much!
    I recently bought a few other bags and am deciding on returning this one. :confused1:
    It's a great bag but I'm worried that with the lambskin leather, that it will get really scratched up.
    I did however just buy myself the Medallion tote...think I'm going to love it! :yahoo: