Has anyone seen a scribble diaper bag at the outlet?

  1. I am on the hunt for a scribble diaper bag, (style 10676). :yes:

    Here is a picture of the bag.


    If anyone of you have seen this bag at an outlet, can you please post at which outlet and how much it was.
    I would really like to get it, but they do not have it at my local outlet.

    There seem to be more on eBay, which leads me to believe that they are at the outlets.

  2. I have not seen any at the Leesburg, VA outlet. I have not been since the end of May, but when I was there, they had the Large Scribble Tote like that. Really I think the only difference between the two is that the diaper bag has the long strap and it has the changing pad. Could be wrong, maybe it has lots of pockets and what not, but you could always buy the regular tote and use that. Just buy a changing pad and keep it in the purse. A pink or white would look good. Actually, any color that is in the C's.

    Just an idea! I hope you find one...Lucky Baby...:tup:
  3. I was totally going to get this...


    After talking to other moms about this bag...

    1. Hard to clean
    2. Starts to smell badly because of reason #1
    3. Too large and bulky to fit under most strollers

    We are going w/a Skip/Hop Dash instead. :yes:
  4. Well, i think you could wash it every so often, every six months or so, in the sink. Get a laundry sheet and put in it. wipe with damp cloth. You could probebly stop it from stinking with some creativity.
  5. Nah the ones in leesburg were last year's scribbles, and they were the large totes.I'd go with just a simple baby bag, with as much wear and tear as those things get, i wouldn't want something that expensive, but thats just me:biggrin:
  6. Las Vegas outlets have them. I bought one but I think Im taking it back. I think it will get dirty easily (I Scotchguard though so probably wouldnt be a problem), but it does not fit well under a stroller. It has handles and a strap, but the strap is way too long (even shortened to its max) and makes the bag hit my hip uncomfortably.
  7. Thanks Ladies! I plan on using it as a laptop bag so I hope that I won't have any problems.

    I really want a tote with a crossbody strap. Other than the scribble baby bag and the watercolor multifunction tote, I haven't seen any bags with it that would be good for a laptop.

    Any suggestions?
  8. OOOH! Just saw one today! It was at the Lincoln City outlet and I thought of you when I saw it!

    I tried to remember the price, but, yeah... I'm not so good with prices in that place! I want to say it was $240ish and then another 20-30% off that. Give them a call, they should still have it since no one was paying any attention to it. I've had good luck with Abbie when I'm in there, so you might see if you can "randomly" get her on the phone. She seems like she'd be the "nice enough to ship" type!
  9. YAY! I found one today! Thanks for all your help ladies! I can't wait to get it! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats on the bag! I almost bought the same one for my wife last week, the outlet had it cheap($135ish). She didn't end up taking it though...:sad:
  11. I'm glad you found one! yay!