Has anyone seen a sale in Arcadia or Beverly Center?

  1. I am specifically talking about the tokidoki in Macy's. :smile:
  2. i think all macys is having the presale for the tokidoki bags.
  3. oh. does anyone know what bags they are selling in arcadia or beverly center that is on sale?:confused1:
  4. beverly center has a lot of amore last time i was there, but when i called a few days ago, she told me they only have the white ones left. hm...i am not sure.
    arcadia have a combination of amore,pirata, spiggia.
  5. went to arcadia today .... barely anything left lots of bianco and notte.. no amores, some canguros of spiaggia and pirata, 1 spiaggia ciao
  6. thanks for the info.