Has anyone seen a Sahara Work with GGH anywhere? Pppllllleassseee!

  1. Hello!

    I am desperate for this bag, Would anyone know where I could find one please?

    please message me!

    Thank you!:flowers:
  2. I'm quite sure here in Milan they have it. Try to call: + 39 02 76 08 41 :yes:
  3. Just saw one on *bay
  4. thank you...I will leave it to last resory since im here in Canada and was hoping for somewhere here in northamerica. but if not I will for sure give them a call.
  5. i saw one at Barney's in beverly hills 2 days ago!!
  6. Ebayer "LESHENT" has one for auction on eBay currently--Brand new, never used.
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    I just noticed the auction just recently ended. The Sahara WORK GGH was selling for a BIN price of $ 1899. It seems nobody purchased it. Perhaps you can contact this ebayer if you're still interested. The ebayer was LESHENT ( xxxxxxxxx ). Good luck! I am looking for a VERT GAZON GGH WORK-in any condition.
  8. is that a good price for a work?
  9. anyone?anywhere?
  10. a gh work is quite pricy...it's about 15K or 16K for a city...so $1800 seem okay...?? call balny to find out the price.
    try hgbags@gmail.com ... she has a GSH work though...
    also call Barneys NY ask if they still have it....i don't remember they have GGH anymore for sahara...212.826.8900
    or you can call kim at balNY...
    good luck!! if you see one...grab it real fast.
  11. ^ Ill give them a call..THanks!
  12. still havent found one...anybody