Has anyone seen a Sahara City RH??

  1. I'm new to Balenciaga and my SO told me he wants to buy me my first bbag. I love the Sahara color since it can go with a lot of my outfits. Has anyone seen a Sahara City RH anywhere? I called a few stores around me and had no luck. Also, how much is this bag? My SO was asking me about the price, but I have no clue about it :confused1: Thanks for any help!! :flowers:
  2. Hi ChiChi, Cities retail for US$1195 I believe. I'm not familiar with the US tax systems so perhaps you need to pay tax for that based on state?

    Hope you find a Sahara RH City! Have you tried calling BalNY? Also Saks, NM.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I've only called Saks & NM so far. I'm going to call Barneys NY and BalNY tomorrow. I hope they have it :yes:
  4. NM Charlotte and Saks Naples both had them about a month ago....
  5. I looked at an absolutely gorgeous Sahara City today at Bal NY, but it had GGH - it was gorgeous thick leather - if it would of had GSH, I would have been very tempted!!
  6. I saw gorgeous Sahara RH City at Nordstrom in Sacramento this evening. I had a tough time leaving it behind! If you're interested, the number is 916-646-2400. If you call, please ask for Patrice--she's the best!

    BTW, the price is $1195.
  7. I can't get to the NYC to see the bag before I purchase it, so if I tell a SA what kind of leather I like (not a lot of veins), would they pick one out for me according to what I like?