Has anyone seen a ROUGE City or First in Paris/Europe?

  1. ??

    I'd love to do a phone order to Australia as it works out cheaper when the VAT is deducted. Please help!
  2. Have you tried calling them? I'm in Paris on holiday at the moment so I'll try and check it out for you but I can't guarantee anything! As for in London when I went to Selfridges they didn't have any rouge b-bags unfortunately.
  3. i think its 5am in paris atm :smile:

    and i wanted to save calling around all the boutiques if anyone saw one anywhere :smile:

  4. frayed..I am getting 2 rouge bags and it will be here hopefully next week, I am getting a work and a city, if ever I decide to part with 1, I will PM you;)
  5. thanks amour, im quite petite so would only be able to wear the city if you're keen :smile:
  6. i just called paris they don't have the rouge left ;(

    if anyone has spotted any with a phone number to the boutique, please leave a message here :shame:
  7. I think Cricket in Liverpool, UK still has a Rouge FIRST from fall '05 -- well as of this past Wednesday that was what an SA there told me over the phone. You can check their website for the price, but the inventory online is not up-to-date at all (it shows like 10 of every item, which is definitely not the case). It's best to call them during UK business hours and double-check; they're very friendly over the phone....just not receptive to e-mail/online correspondence at all. They take orders by fax/phone and do ship internationally, although shipping charges are astronomically high. Still though, it's probably the only store left where you can find a Rouge First now. Good luck with your search!
  8. thanks foxy. how strange, i emailed them about 4 days ago and they said the only one they had left in the first was a burgundy :sad:
  9. Check the Marketplace! I think someone sells their rouge first on the WTS forum
  10. I've seen some reds at Luisa via Roma and Gerard (0039 055 215942), both legit stores in Florence. I dn't know if the latter ships internationally though!
  11. Hi Fraublucher, Luisa do ship internationally, but when i emailed them they said they only had the orange! :sad:
  12. Argh! I would give a try to the other shop too: I was there a couple of weeks ago and they had really really a lot of B bags in rouge. I think they are a bit off track as compared to Luisa so they might have more stock left. Unfortunately they don't have a website..
  13. do you know how much the city or the first retails for in those shops? :smile:
  14. I remember the City was around 850-880 €; didn't check the First though!
  15. i just called them the guy couldn't understand me ;( ;(