Has anyone seen a ring like this?

  1. I am loving this ring, however I am not sure if it is expensive, it is second hand and made with antique diamonds from another ring but was made recently, it is 18ct gold and has approx 2ct of diamonds in it, the colour is F/G and the clarity is VS. What do you think? I love it as I love the bubble shape but is £900 expensive or a good price? Bear in mind that England is more expensive for jewellery. Does it sound good? Has anyone seen anything like this anywhere else?


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  5. Anyone?
  6. I think it's gorgeous and worth the price. The old mine cut diamonds are my favorite.
  7. Thanks Roo:smile:What is the difference with mine but diamonds and normal ones?!
  8. im not sure about the price (only because i have limited experience in diamonds) But keep in mind that the materials they used to cut diamonds in vintage pieces weren't as good as they are today, generally the facets aren't as even or abundant as those today. Hence the diamond's cut might not be the greatest and there wont be as much sparkle. My mother acctually bought a vintage piece and regretted it for the above reason. Just keep this in mind, it may also explain the price.
  9. old cuts or mine cuts are found in vintage peices,they have the same number of facets,but are not as well proportioned as modern brilliants they are sometimes referred to as old brilliants or Old cuts or old mine cuts,old European cuts,then some clever so and so sat down and worked out the perfect angles,based on total internal reflection etc and the modern brilliant was born,and they have improved fire,scintillation,brilliance and reflection etc that suits diamonds best,I think from memory the guys name was Gaby Tolkowsky,if you want me to be more precise than that I would have to check!(please don't make me all my student notes for the Diamond Diploma are up in the loft and its dark up there,and spooky!) I like old cuts as I think they have a lot of charm,my engagement ring is an old cut,but my studs are modern brills.So for me as long as you think its lovely and its caught your eye enough to ask other peoples opinion by taking the time and effort to come on here,I think you must be a good ways into loving it!!!£900 quid (are you UK based?) seems a very fair price to me! If I had seen it I think I might be elbowing you out of the way!!! the color and clarity is good too and 2ct of diamonds,let me know where it is and if you decide not to buy it!!!! The modern equivalent of that would probably set you back a good £3k on my rough calculations,and thats erring on the conservative side,without the cost of metal and production costs of the ring on top.And that style would give you a lovely flash of diamonds,and the bubble style is very flattering too!!! Good find!!! Keep me posted!Hope this helps,alongside all the other helpful ladies who have posted on here too!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I have put some pics of my old cut e-ring and modern cut earrings,just to say really I don't think there are any hard and fast rules as to what you buy, loving it is the only rule I follow!!!!
    jewellery and key ring 007.JPG jewellery and key ring 009.JPG jewellery and key ring 005.JPG jewellery and key ring 003.JPG jewellery and key ring 001.JPG
  10. And that is absolutely true as far as lack of fire and sparkle goes,as diamond cutting did'nt follow 'rules' for brilliance,they were cut for maximum weight and can appear uneven and wonky.I was extremely lucky with mine,its H/G color internally flawless,and the proportions are very good for an old cut,the guy who cut it must have been very passionate about his work and it shows!

    I have had another quick look at it before I post this,up close the workmanship on the ring does'nt look very even or precise,which suggests perhaps its handmade,and it will probably look fine normal size.The diamonds look good too,not too shallow or too wonky and I think I can detect a couple of modern brills in there,second one in on the shoulders both sides and one biggish one,4 rows down,one right of center in picture 1,i would put money on it after looking at the pics.But that in no way detracts from the fact its an excellent deal!!!!!!