Has anyone seen a really nice Oatmeals City?

  1. I'm trying to help my Mom find one. Apparently all of the Oatmeals left at Balenciaga are scratched, nicked, speckled, etc. so apparently she is going to have to find one elsewhere. If anyone sees one at NM, Saks, Barneys, etc. can you please let me know.
    Thank you :smile:
  2. If mastic is the same as oatmeal, I got a lovely one from Nordstrom- Arden Fair in Sacramento.They will email you pictures too! Ask for Donny!
  3. I was at NM at Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA) a few weeks ago and they had a few bags in Oatmeal. I can't remember exactly which styles, but all 3 of them had GH.
  4. Gold GH?! I'm sort of lusting after an Oatmeal Day with GGH and I keep telling myself 'no!' but if I find one, I will have to buy it!
  5. I believe they were all GGH. In the boutique, they have all the GH bags on the right side and the RH on the left side. I distinctly remember the 3 oatmeal bags being on the right side...I'm pretty sure they were all GGH.
  6. She wants regular hardware. If anyone sees a nice one, PM me please.
    Thank you! :smile: