Has anyone seen a Radiant in Biker leather anywhere?

  1. Hi All,
    I'm fairly new to this wonderful site. I have the JC in the "Rufina" in chocolate and I LOVE it, but am now wanting to take the plunge and buy another Choo for a Christmas gift to me. :woohoo:I also love the "Radiant" (I love the belted detailing). Has anyone seen the "Radiant" in either Burgundy, green or black in Biker leather?? anwhere for sale? I have an opportunity to get the black in the calf leather from the JC outlet for about $1000.00. If I can't find the Biker in either color, should I take the plunge and buy the black? I guess it would be a great classic bag that would not go out of style. Any thoughts? Also a special thanks to jburgh and robynbenz for all your great posts, I have learned so much from both of you.:yes:
  2. Welcome tweezer and you are very welcome, but I think Jburgh deserves the credit for all the hard work she has put into the reference library:woohoo:

    I have not seen any Radiant bags in the biker leather on sale other than the occasional ones on eBay. I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I come across one. Have you tried calling some of the major department stores to see if they carry the style? I know they are more likely to put these on sale throughout the year:tup:

    Did I hear you mention OUTLET???? Is this the one in NY (Woodbury Commons)

    I think it is time for Jburgh and I to take a road trip..... Jburgh, should we scrap Chicago and go to NY:graucho:
  3. I haven't seen the radiant go on sale lately. I have it in burgundy and it is a fabulous bag. Kinda big, but lovely soft leather.

  4. YES!!! come to NY.... i will meet you guys!!!:yahoo:
  5. I'm not sure where the outlet is. I called the JC store in South Coast Plaza and spoke to a great SA, Tony who researched it and called me back and said the outlet had the radiant in black. I should call him back and find out which outlet?? I also had asked him if there are any Radiants available at all in any of the JC stores and he said there none.
  6. I think there is one on ebay right now in brown. I haven't looked real close at it, so don't know if it is new or not. I also haven't looked to make sure it is authentic, but if you see it and post the link we all will take a closer look if you are interested.
  7. Tweezer I too am wanting the Radiant in burgundy and haven't found it on sale. I am patiently saving for one though.

    Robyn - they recently as in the last six month to a year added a Jimmy Choo outlet at Woodbury. I haven't dared stop by yet but I also haven't heard the greatest things about it. I believe they mainly sell shoes though. My mom is going to me to Woodbury for a new Christmas wardrobe so I will make sure to report when I get back though that could be after Christmas.
  8. Faurecia - I looked t the Woodbury Commons site for the Choo outlet. They are listed in the SHOES section. Other outlets who also make shoes and bags, like Fendi and Ferragamo, are listed under apparel.
  9. I actually called there a couple of months ago looking for the Jungle Mahala and they have been adding bags and the shoes are getting more current from what I understand. I think initially, they had some pretty dated shoes and accessories from older seasons, but I think it is worth a trip:party:
  10. Oh God Robyn that is not what I wanted to hear. I am never going to get my SO to go back there with me now. Last time I stayed away since I heard there was a bad selection but now I won't be able to. Good thing my mom doesn't truly understand the obsession yet :p. By the way it's her fault I like shoes its just natural to flow to bags from there.

    Robyn I think Woodbury is always worth a trip I mean even when the Choo outlet wasn't great it's hard not to walk away with some fabulous find.
  11. Outlet.. :drool::sweatdrop: I'm jealous.. :crybaby: I'm over on the other side from NY..
    hmm.. what's the website again?
    Maybe I can have some friends see it for me. :idea:
  12. You mean for Woodbury Commons?


    If this isn't what you were talking about sorry.