Has Anyone seen a Persnickity Designs Bag?

  1. I Live in Bellingham, Washington, and I was wondering if anyone else in here has seen a Persnickity Designs Bag? They are everywhere up here.

    They have a shop where they make and sell their bags. I want one SO bad. I am saving up for one right now. They are not expensive as some of the designer bags are, but my friend bought one and they told her that if anything wears out or anything, they will fix it or replace it.

    I think they have an online store as well.
  2. All of your posts so far have been about these bags, which makes me think you are trying to be sneaky about your SPAM.
  3. I am just really excited about these bags. I know that they are going to be HUGE very soon.
  4. take a picture of your friends bag, 'cos i've never heard of it.
  5. nm, just went to the website. the bags are ok, but i'm not a fan of shapes and cherries and stuff. the bas kinda look like something out of an upscale claire's
  6. It's so lucky that you happen to live in the same city where this small shop is located.
  7. ^ITA. I'm not a fan of the designs, nor the materials used to make the bags.

    To each his/her own though.
  8. let's not assume everytime someone mentions a bag designer we don't recognize that they're spamming us.
    not 100% of her posts talk about this designer, everyone deserves the benefit.. . .
  9. I think they're pretty,just not my style.I prefer bags made out of real leather as they last much longer...just my $0.02.
  10. I certainly didn't mean to cause trouble. The first three posts by this person were about this shop, this person lives in the same city the shop is located, and their profile picture looks like it is from the shop. The handbags look the same, yet that pic is not on the store's website(which made me think this person is a close friend promoting the store or the owner). It just seemed highly suspect to me. If I am wrong then I apologize.
  11. as far as the picture, i just pulled it off of the blog. :smile:
  12. I looked and didn't see it at the blog. I went to the blog first, and that linked me to their store from there.
  13. I'm just saying. . . let's not always assume the worst please:nogood:
    If people come here to spam us, they'll seal their fate soon enough:yes: