Has anyone seen a Neiman Marcus LE bag lately?

  1. I am interested in getting the Neiman Marcus blue giant gunmetal LE bag. Has anyone seen one lately at NM? PM me if you can.
  2. I think I saw one at Neiman Marcus in Houston. Charlotte Hill is a really good SA there.
  3. I saw one at NM in Las Vegas.
  4. I saw one at NM Fashion Island (Newport Beach) about 2 weeks ago. :yes:
  5. NM San diego still has 3 of them today.
  6. How much is the LE bag?
  7. I believe it's the same as the other GH Cities, $1595.
  8. NM Austin has one.
  9. NM SF had one or two about a couple weeks ago.
  10. There is one on that certain auction site.