Has anyone seen a Mousse Zippy on sale?????

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  1. I am absolutely dying for a Mousse Zippy Paddington... no stores near me have any/ has anyone seen one online, preferably on sale (as my student loan payments have now begun...)??
  2. I haven't seen any recently but I would love a Paddington shopper, bowler or other style (other than the original) in Mousse on sale too.
  3. how odd, i seen a ton on ebay a couple weeks ago both the zippy and the shopper, and now i see none :sad:

    Authentic ones do pop up on ebay from time to time.
  4. Thanks, I'll keep checking on Ebay!!! Maybe I will find one in time for a nice Christmas present to myself!
  5. Boy that went quick!!!:nuts:
    I checked the other LVR link Roxane posted and clicked on one of the paddies...clicked back and, poof it was gone...!:yahoo:
    Hope you were quick enough rinstar311!:smile:
  6. it was very quick! im so surprised myself. missed it! oh well. next time.
  7. That was fast. Maybe they had just one available. Hope you got it Rinstar. I didn't need the temptation. All these sales are making want to spend some $$$$.

    I still prefer the tote if anyone sees one.
  8. Rinstar - its back up on LVR in mousse and tan. Grab one before its gone again. I wish they had the tote on sale.
  9. AHHHHH... do you think I managed to snag that deal either time??? No... I did not. I came online too late... well, the early bird gets the worm ladies.
  10. ^ are you sure? If you click on the link in this thread...it shows the pocket paddy's again and both colors are available... But I don't think it is the zippy that you are looking for...it is the Chloe paddington pocket (w/big pocket in front...). But if u do want this style, hope u get it this time! It is around 680 USD (including shipping) plus later, u will be billed for customs by fedex... it'll probably amount to mid 700 dollar range in total then... still a wonderful deal!
  11. ^sorry-- not the link in this thread but the SS06 Chloes 50% on LVR- thread.
    if u just go directly to their site, you can't see these items I think.
  12. No, its the zippy that I want. I'm not really overly fond of the pocket paddys actually. Thanks though.
  13. I found one for you on ebay. I'm not sure what they retail for but this price seems kind of high.
    item 120058705535
  14. Thanks for finding that! That price does seem a bit high to me. I'm kinda holding out for a sale. I have student loans to pay off :sad:!
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