Has anyone seen a "mini" version of the ZC?

  1. It's about half the size and has one pushlock on it. I'm looking for the name and possibly where I could find one on sale?

  2. is it half the size in width or it's the same size (width) as the zc just with one pocket, if it's the later it's called the easy i think and you can call to get it at a Nordies cuz i think they're still on sale for 40% off
  3. do you mean this?


    or this?


    the first one (double-face wallet) is available at eluxury.com and the second (compact zip purse) is at diabro.net. both are full price.
  4. Neither of this pic's actually! It's half the length of the ZC, same height and width.
  5. i did a google search and this is what popped up according to your description.

    mj quilted wallet from bloomingdales

    here is the zip around wallet from Saks