has anyone seen a mini bowling...

  1. either *bay or in a real store? for some crazy reason, i think i need one :graucho:
  2. RDC has a black 06 right now.
  3. i see that one, i was hoping for a NON-black one... does AR have any??
  4. I have the same as well, a truffle mini bowling and it fits more than my city fits. Everytime I debate selling off the MB, i decide that it's a wonderful bag and I'd be miserable if I did.
  5. do you have any pics of you wearing it, by any chance? maybe i will go for the one on RDC, i was just hoping to get a non-black bbag as i have 6 already! :push: ouch, i know, like i need another one, but i was hoping to get something that i could carry a laptop in that has bigger handles then a work...

    if you have any pics to share, that would be awesome!!!!!! thanks:girlsigh:
  6. the mini on rdc is so cute!
  7. I'm sorry, I don't. I didn't bring my whole bbag collection to Italy, just the black city since it would get the most mileage. I ran a search on the bal forum and here is a pic of the minibowling being worn and here is another, and here is the regular bowling.

    I don't know if the mini could fit a laptop, I have a small 14.1" sony vaio and I think it would fit into my mb because the bag can fit a magazine like shown here. Have you decided against the truffle bowling on eBay? Truffle is seriously a great neutral brown. Also, I would give BalNY a call, they still have them I'm almost sure, it's one of the lesser bought styles. I think someone bought a Marine MB a few months ago, so it doesn't hurt to call.
  8. in January Aloha Rag had some.. try e-mailing them..
  9. ^^ thank you and everyone else for your help - i think i'm going to stick to the works from now on:wlae: