Has anyone seen a metallic zip clutch for sale?

  1. I'd like a metallic bag, but the blingy-ness of an entire handbag may be too much for me to commit to. My solution: a zip clutch, of course!!! If you have seen one, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks, ladies!
  2. har, me too! so i shouldn't be telling you that i'm currently watching one on ebay from a reputable seller. anyway, you'll see it if you search and i think bag.lover or thithi pointed it out as well. (and if you decide this one's mine, all the better, LOL!)
    good luck!
    :smile: SF
  3. I had spotted that one, and was wondering about the wear on the corners. Since the clutch is from '04, that might just be what you will be dealing with in terms of wear? Do the metallics rub off on the corners fairly easily? I've not had one before, so I am not sure.
  4. I have heard of metallics rubbing off for all brands, I'm not exactly sure since I don't own have metallics items.

    I didn't enlarge the pictures so I didn't see the conditions of the corners until now. I would pass if a leather repair expert can't restore it, you might ask a local store before proceding.

    Some stores (especially MJ boutiques) still have certain classic styles in colors from a few years back so the year the item's made doesn't always indicate the item condition. I have heard of members coming across brand new items in 2004 colors.
  5. The Graphite zip clutch almost looks metallic, but more subdued... what do you think? From the bloomies website: