Has anyone seen a Lacoste Pouch(fanny pack)??

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  1. does anyone know where i can find a lacoste pouch/fanny pack? i've been searching around but was told by someone that they were only sold in europe. Is tat tru? does anyone know wat lacoste pouch im talkin about? can someone help me find it? The pouch looks sort of like the COACH pouch/fanny pack in beige.. Thank you if u can help!!
  2. I wish I could help! It sounds so cute. I've seen items supposedly "only sold in Europe" in Lacoste outlets. Maybe give them a call? You can find lots of outlet numbers at outletbound.com.
  3. There is a bunch on ebay.co.uk, search under Lacoste hip bag.

    I think the term "fanny pack" in England/Scotland has a whole different meaning.
  4. okay thanks a lot guys!!.. i will try the outlets.. and i will also try the ebay.co.uk.. i went on ebay.com.. maybe tats why i couldnt find anything.. thanks again!! :okay: