Has anyone seen a Kelly bag?

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  1. I'm looking to buy my first Chanel and would like it to be a Kelly bag; I've seen a few pics posted and they are gorgeous. I had thought about the classic flap, but I never carry shoulder bags, just satchels. Can anyone help with info as to where to find one? Would like to find one before the price increase. Any information/advice would be much appreciated! :smile:
  2. Thanks so much for the info! :flowers: The pics are gorgeous! I will call her today.
  3. Neiman Marcus at Tysons Corner VA has one in black. I saw it there 3 days ago. Cute bag! Just wish it was a tad bigger (I'm over 6 ft, tall, so....). Good luck!!
  4. Hope you found one but just in case... Neimans in Natick, MA has a black and a brown one
  5. Neiman Marcus in SF has both Caviar and Lambskin (415) 362-3900.
  6. i saw one at the NM Chicago! HTH!
  7. OMG, I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for 2 weeks of training. This Kelly bag is my incentive for getting through it! Which NM? (Although it makes more sense for me to have them do a charge send, since then I wouldn't have to pay tax).
  8. I saw some at Holts too.
  9. i own a chanel kelly bag and i saw one for sale on eBay. it is very classic and elegant. i would like to find the new chain tote bag, it's gorgeous and too expensive. cathy
  10. NM in Plano has a black one. 972 629 1700 ex. 1305.
  11. That one on eBay looks nice, but I think unless I bought it at a store that I would always worry about authenticity.....

    My first *big* test is Monday, second one is Wed., hopefully I'll pass, then I can order my Chanel! :woohoo:
  12. Does anyone know about the dimension of the kelly tote? TIA
  13. I would say it's like the size of a med. flap. Maybe not as wide?
  14. Yay! Passed both tests!! It's reward time baby!! :yahoo: